Celebrating our inspiring volunteers!

Joan selling jellies for Trick or Treat

Our volunteers are at the very heart of the work we do in Temple Street Foundation. As we celebrate International Volunteer Day on Saturday, 5th December, we would like to share the story of two of our volunteers and the fantastic work that they do to support our hospital.

Over the past ten years we’ve had 7000 volunteers get on board to help make a difference.

Joan and Kiara O’Carroll are mother and daughter and have been volunteering for last couple of years.

Kiara worked in Temple Street’s play department part-time for three years and it was here that she decided she would give up her career as a baker and pursue a career with children.

Her mother Joan was inspired to volunteer with Temple Street after Kiara began to work with Temple Street in the play department; having seen first-hand the important work that is being done in the hospital each year.

“I am so happy to help in the smallest way after hearing Kiara’s stories from the hospital.”


Joan had her strong own links to Temple Street having been a babysitter for some of our little patients had having heard about the kindness from the doctors and nurses within the hospital.

Now committed volunteers, Joan and Kiara help out each year with Trick or Treat for Temple Street. Joan says that she really enjoys getting stuck in and meeting new people.

“It’s always such a fun day. I love meeting the other volunteers and interacting with the public – they are always so supportive and often share their own stories with me.”


Kiara supporting our spooky fundraiser

Joan also joins us each Christmas in the hospital to help spread some Christmas cheer and sell our cards to the staff and visitors of the hospital.

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers for your hard work. Your dedication to our special hospital makes such a difference to the lives of our patients and their families and you are such an important part of the Temple Street family.