The difference Tesco is making

Tesco staff and their customers have raised an amazing €1.9 million since the October 2014! With these funds the hospital has been able to purchase these vital, life-saving pieces of equipment which greatly helps the 150,000 patients who visit every year.

Patient monitors – Theatre & Recoverymonitors

Theatre Recovery looks after 8,000 children each year. Every child that has an operation & an anaesthetic has to be cared for in Theatre Recovery until the effects of the anaesthetic have worn off. The monitors continuously measure patients vital signs e.g. blood pressure, amount of oxygen in the blood and how much carbon dioxide they are exhaling.

tesco respiratoryRespiratory Equipment – Neonatal Ward

Important equipment that helps our tiniest patient’s breathe:

3 ventilation machines
2 nebuliser kits
1 cardiorespiratory monitor

Anaesthetic Patient Monitors – ICUtesco anaesthetic

These monitors keep patients safe and comfortable during surgery and recovery.  They monitor heart rhythm, blood pressure, temperature and the patient’s level of consciousness.

tesco philips expressRadiology Equipment

This piece of equipment offers full patient monitoring for children come to Temple Street for MRI scans.

Metabolic Lab Equipment tesco metabolic

The ‘Gas Chromatograph- Mass Spectrometer’ machine is used in the Metabolic Lab. It is used to analysis organic acid in urine. It quickly and reliably diagnoses metabolic orders in children and Temple Street is the only lab in Ireland which provides this service.

tesco facial nerveFacial Nerve Monitor for ENT/ Theatre

This piece of machinery replaced a monitor which was over ten years old and is used in major ear surgery to reduce complications.

Trollies – Day Ward

Trollies are very important in the busy Day Ward. Patients come here before and after attending theatre.

Patient Monitors – Metabolic Ward

These monitors allow for more efficient and effective patient monitoring on the metabolic ward.pumps

Microscope for Plastic Surgery

This new microscope is used for cleft palate & speech operations.

Amino Acid Analyser for Metabolic Lab

This is a vital piece of machinery allows for early screening and diagnosis of children with metabolic disorders. It is also used for regular monitoring of both children and adults affected.

Pain Management Pumps

Pain management pumps are used after surgery.