Sandra’s Top Baking Tips

We’re thrilled to have Great Irish Bake Off 2016 contestant Sandra McGarry holding her own bake sale for Temple Street this sandra mcgarryspring. And of course we had to ask her to share some of her top tips to baking success!

🍰 Sandra’s tips to a Better Bake 🍰

  • Have all your ingredients weighed out and ready to go – NEVER second guess the weight
  • Read the recipe a couple of times to get familiar with instructions
  • Always pre-heat the oven
  • Always have your butter at room temperature or you will be mixing forever to soften
  • If you are using chocolate chips or fruit in a recipe, coat with a little flour before you add to your mix – it stops them sinking to the bottom of your bake
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavours – go with what you like
  • Baking should be fun. Involve the family and enjoy making memories