Planning a phantastic Trick or Treat party!

As we creepy crawly ever closer to Halloween, we hope you’re having lots of fun planning your ghoulish, ghastly and glamorous Trick or Treat for Temple Street parties! This week we’ve got some fab ideas for you to make your Halloween a howling success! Don’t forget to share your phantastic party pics with us on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #TrickOrTreat4TempleSt!autumn-decor-decoration-decorative-41186-large

🎃 Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat 🎃
Give me something good to eat!

👻 Costumes – No Trick or Treat party is complete without weird and wonderful fancy-dress costumes. You can go all out and buy a costume or make your own DIY outfit with items around the house. Throw on some old ripped clothing, face-paint and twigs in your hair to transform into a zombie! Or make some simple crepe paper pompoms to become a cheerleader!  Check out more ideas here.

👀 Decorations – There are so many different fun and easy ways to decorate your party venue! Inject a bit of autumn atmosphere into your home with bowls of conkers, pine cones and colourful leaves. Simple cardboard bats look great hanging from the ceiling and why not try some DIY bunting featuring owls, cobwebs and spooky ghosts – great fun for the kids! And don’t forget our brilliant downloads!

🌙 Games – Get your party off to a cackling start with some great Trick or Treat games. You can’t beat the old favourites like bobbing for apples but why not try some spooky storytelling or creepy craft competitions to add to the fun! Find more great ideas here.

💀 Recipes – No tricks here, just delicious treats with these tasty ideas. Turn marshmallows into yummy ghosts by adding chocolate drop eyes and spooky mouths, or whip up some cupcakes and decorate with orange or green icing. Add wriggly jelly worms for extra effect! You’ll find even more tasty treats  here!