Old-school Halloween inspiration!

This week, we’re getting nostalgic for Halloween parties of old as we look back on our childhoods to bring you some old-school party inspiration! Costumes made from bin bags and bed sheets, monkey nuts in your Trick or Treat bag and cries outside the front door to ‘Help the Halloween Party’…things have definitely changed in the last few years!

Costume craic – Who needs to pay for a costume?! Bring back some bin-bag chic this Halloween by holding a ‘Rubbish Costume Competition’. Take your guests back to the days when costumes were made with bin bags, rubber gloves, cotton wool – whatever was lying around the house. Best / worst DIY outfit wins!

Nostalgic Nibbles – Halloween was a considerably healthier affair back when we were nippers. It was all about mandarin oranges, colcannon, barmbrack with rings hidden inside, monkey nuts and cracking coconuts with the rolling pin. Revive these zombie morsels at your party and avoid total sugar overload!

Passé Pastimes – Apple Snap, Bobbing for Apples, Pass the Parcel. Let’s bring back the deadly Halloween games of our youth! You could pin the hat on the witch – all you need is black card and a thumbtack, or make a Halloween Pinata by wrapping an empty kitchen roll core in black, purple and orange crepe paper – stick on some cardboard cut out bats and spiders and stuff to the brim with sweets…easy!

Ghoulish Gatherings – Meeting neighbours around the local bonfire may be a thing of the past, but you can still enjoy a bit of retro Halloween atmosphere by picking up a few packets of sparklers and fun snaps. Take your party outside once night has fallen for a spooky torchlit parade through the neighbourhood. A torch inside your carved pumpkin looks like an eerie floating head – a great way to give the neighbours a fright!

Have we missed any essential retro Halloween activities? Let us know – send us your memories by using the hashtag #TrickorTreat4TempleSt on Twitter or Facebook and don’t forget to sign up for your Trick or Treat Party Pack below!