Mama Mealy’s ‘sure you have it in the press’ Crepes

Ciara in the office claims that her mother’s recipe is the best pancake batter recipe going! Why not put this recipe to the test! They are delicious and the icing on the cake is you won’t need to buy the shop to make them.

– Strainer/Sifter
– Whisk
– 2 Mixing Bowls
– Frying pan
– Spatula

– 8 oz. / 226g Flour
– 2 Eggs
– 1 Pint of Milk
– Knob of butter

– Sift flour into mixing bowl 1.
– Make a well in the middle of mixing bowl 1.
– Pour pint of milk into mixing bowl 2.
– Crack two eggs into mixing bowl 2 and whisk together with the milk.
– Add milk and egg mixture into mixing bowl 1 and whisk until it is almost a smooth batter.
– Let mixture stand for 30 minutes (Leave for longer if possible)
– Warm up the frying pan with a little butter to make it non-stick.
– Pour just enough mixture on the pan to cover the base (Just enough so you get perfectly thin rrepes)
– When you see the edges turning brown you can turn your crepe onto the other side using a spatula or if you’re feeling confident try flipping it
– Cook until golden on the other side.

Bon Appétit

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