Caring and Curing. The difference your funds made in 2013!

Your donations really do make a huge difference! In 2013, all the proceeds raised from Trick or Treat events were spent on the development of a ‘Satellite Classroom’ and a ‘Parent’s Consultation room’ in the hospital, and we are very happy to say the Satellite Classroom is now complete!

Temple Street's new satellite classroom.
Temple Street’s new satellite classroom.

This classroom, which sits in our newly developed Top Flat, allows children in high dependency wards the opportunity to attend a real classroom for their lessons. Until now, the children in these high dependency wards would have been taught by a teacher at their bedside. Studies show the classroom environment is key to the interaction and enjoyment of the lesson and just as important it gives the child a sense of normality and a distraction from the reality of their stay in the hospital. Now, thanks to you, they are able to leave their bed and attend an actual classroom. One of our teachers Ciara Jenkins expresses the gratitude of the teaching staff and students:

“To date, the Satellite Classroom has improved the quality of access to the patients on Top Flat and Surgical Flat. It is wonderful for the parents that their children are so close to the ward and yet accessing the school facility. It is wonderful for the medical and nursing staff to have their patients on the ward to check on their patients at any time.”

Ciara Jenkins, Teacher, Temple Street's School

The Parent’s Consultation Room is still under construction and we hope to have this up and running soon. Until now, parents would have to talk about their child’s treatment or prognosis at the child’s bedside or in a hallway where they would have no privacy to process news which can sometimes be upsetting. Because of our fantastic supporters, they will now have a quiet and peaceful space where they can take their time to talk through everything with their doctor.

We are currently getting ready to roll out Trick or Treat 2014 and we really hope you will get involved this year? Trick or Treat is such a fantastic fundraiser for our hospital and it wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for fantastic supporters like you!