Spooky Halloween Buns – Lovin’ from the Oven!

cupcake endCrafty cake makers Lovin’ from the Oven in Galway are just one of our amazing Trick or Treaters holding their own fundraising spookfest this Halloween. They’ve shared this spooky Halloween cupcake decorating guide to make expertly eerie edibles for your party!

  • Flat ice your cupcakes

step 1

Cover all of your cupcakes with circles of fondant slightly larger than the cupcake top. Mine were around 3 inches in diameter.

step 2

Smooth the top and round the sides of the fondant circles.

step 3

Cupcake Style 1

Using a ball tool, make areas for the eye sockets, mouth and cheek bones. Then, with a small pointed tool, create the nostrils, being careful to not pierce through the fondant.

step 4

Using black petal dust and a good dry brush, shade the insides of the eye sockets and cheeks. Remember to start with only a little dust. Sometimes less is more.

step 5

Using a small amount of edible glue, attach 2 white balls of fondant to your eye sockets – making sure that the shaded area behind will still show through.

step 6

Roll out 2 balls of white fondant for the eyes and 2 very small balls of black for the pupils.  Attach with a little glue and press the black circles flat.

step 7

Fill in the mouth with a bit of black fondant and use the ball tool to spread it to the edges of the mouth.

step 8

Using a droplet of vodka or other clear alcohol, mix in some of the black petal dust until it is a thin paint consistency.  You can then paint in the nostrils.

step 9

Cupcake Style 2

Use a ball to rub in your 2 eye sockets and make 2 indents for the nostrils.  Then using your dresden/veining tool, create the basic smile. Using your dresden tool again – make the ‘stitch’ marks over the top of your mouth

2 step 1

Attach 2 equal sized balls for the eyes securing with edible glue and add a small amount of black to each of the pupils.  Paint in your stitches and your nostrils and then your happy spooky face is ready for eating!  Have a great Halloween!

2 step 3

Thanks so much to Corinna from Lovin’ from the Oven for this fantastic guide!