Positive changes for children’s health – FAQ’s

The children’s hospitals are merging – what does this change mean?

The three existing children’s hospitals at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children Crumlin and National Children’s Hospital Tallaght will come together from 1st January 2019 to work as 1 hospital across 3 sites at Temple Street, Crumlin and Tallaght.

Children’s Health Ireland will take over responsibility for the staff and services of the three children’s hospitals from 1st January 2019 in advance of the move to the new hospital in 2022. The teams in each of the hospitals are busy planning for this.

The vision is that this is part of a move to change how health services are organised and delivered for sick children in Ireland – it will create a new state of the art hospital and research centre which will deliver first class care and cures for the children of Ireland that we can all be proud of.


What will happen the Foundations who raise money for each hospital?

The foundations work tirelessly to support sick children and vital research in Temple Street, Crumlin and Tallaght hospitals – our priority will always be sick children and research.

Our Boards of Trustees believe that uniting around a shared ambition – ensuring the best care and cures for sick children in Ireland – is the best way for us to build for the future without affecting our immediate priorities in Temple Street, Our Lady’s Hospital and National Children’s Research Centre in any way. Our priority being to provide care for sick children who need it today while preparing for needs of the future.

We believe we will achieve more together and therefore we have agreed to join forces in early January 2019 as part of a new organisation called Children’s Health Foundation. It is also envisaged that the National Children’s Hospital Foundation in Tallaght will join forces as part of this family next year.


What does this mean?

We will create one stronger Foundation – working for sick children and united around one ambition – providing the best research and care for children of Ireland. It will bring together our combined heritage, passion, energy, expertise, funds and networks to achieve greater progress and better outcomes for sick patients, now and in the future.


When will The Foundations Come together?

We will unite officially as Children’s Health Foundation on 1 January 2019.

Temple Street Foundation and CMRF Crumlin will retain our loved brand names during this time and as we put our plans in place we will draw on our key strengths, whilst creating a strong brand for the future. We expect this will take place over the coming 12 months.

During this time we will continue our vital work to ensure sick children have the best care and research possible, whilst also working collaboratively to plan for a future integration of our teams.


What will change?

We will now start to put in motion our plans for coming together – we will create the legal framework, which will come into effect from early 2019.

We will continue to work for sick children today, whilst also working collaboratively to plan for a future integration of efforts, teams and needs.

We are entering an important and exciting planning phase.


What will happen with research?

In addition to providing secondary and tertiary paediatric healthcare services, Children’s Health Ireland will also be the lead centre for paediatric education, training, research and innovation in Ireland over time and there are plans to build a large Children’s Research and Innovation Centre on the grounds of St. James’s hospital by the time the new hospital opens. It will also be the centre of a national clinical network for paediatric services so it is going to be a really big step in the right direction for children and putting them first.


What does this mean for supporters like me?

You are part of this exciting development with us. Your generous donations have always been a vital part of the great care that is given to every child in Temple Street Hospital.

Your kindness is the power behind the unique circle of care that surrounds every sick child and all of your donations will always be used for the purpose you intend – helping to provide world class, expert and loving care and research for sick children and their families.

Today your kindness lies at the heart of what makes Temple Street such a special place. We will continue to need your generous support – our focus will remain where it has always been, on the sick children who need great care right now.