Noel & Ian take on the summit of Ben Nevis

A big congratulations to Noel and Ian Creamer who recently went the extra mile for Temple Street and conquered the summit of Ben Nevis which stands at 4413 feet! This 17KM hike and climb is extremely tough, and normally takes 7/8 hours. Noel and Ian felt that every day challenges are met in life, but none so greater that when a child is seriously ill, and needs on-going support and medical care and attention.

They took on this challenge to raise funds for CHI at Temple Street on behalf of Eve Creamer, who received amazing care and attention from the hospital for Congenital Melanocytic Naevi.

Thank you so much Noel and Ian, what a fantastic achievement! You can read their story below:

We stayed overnight in Fort William so that we could get an early start on the mountain the following morning. The weather forecast looked like it might be kind to us, but on the day we woke up to light rain.

Ian and I started our trek at just after 7:00 and we followed the Mountain Path route to the summit. The initial phase of the route is an unforgiving and relentless series of stone steps until it levels off near the lake – just before the half-way point.

The Scotch Mist had started to clear at about 600m, leaving fine panoramic views of Loch Linnhe and the surrounding glens. The climb from here on is mostly a rough scree and boulder zig-zag path that crosses the various gullies running down the mountainside.

As we neared the summit the weather conditions turned much colder, the wind increased and we were walking headlong into sleet for the last forty-five minutes. It was seriously cold at the top and we didn’t hang around too long after taking some pictures and face-timing our nearest and dearest. It had taken Ian three hours to reach the summit and another half-hour on top of that for me.

The descent back to The Ben Nevis Inn, in glorious sunshine, was accomplished in just over two hours – two knee-shattering hours!
It was a fantastic experience and we were more than happy to get this done to thank The Temple Street Foundation for their professionalism, care and love whilst treating our Eve Creamer.

Noel & Ian