Marathon Dream

Ivan New York Marathon
Ivan pictured during the New York Marathon stocking up on fuel!

Read Ivan’s account of his New York Marathon run – this could be you!

I couldn’t believe it, this was it. I was running up the Verrazano bridge. The emotion of the start, the whole build up, the training, the charity I was running for, my family, before I knew it I was in floods of tears…

Running up the Verrazano, wiping away the tears and would you believe it I was leading my wave…for a split second I felt like Eamonn Coughlan. A quick look at the watch and I was doing a 7.40 mile pace…crap!!! I pulled the reins to a 8.40 pace (I could hear coach Maslova in my ear, relax!) and up and over the 2 mile Verrazano Bridge I went and into Brooklyn.

When I got into Brooklyn the noise was deafening…it was like MardiGras in Rio, bands playing on the side of the road and thousands of people cheering you on. I had my name stuck on my official temple street top that had Ireland written across the front. All I kept hearing was “GO IVAN FROM IRELAND GO!”..”YOU CAN DO IT IVAN”..”AWESOME IVAN” “YOU’RE THE MAN IVAN”.. people chanting my name from start to finish!

They estimated that over 2 million people lined the streets of New York on Marathon Sunday and for the first 11 miles the experience was surreal; at times with the atmosphere and people cheering you on I couldn’t feel my legs. As the pain eased I sat back and reflected on a truly amazing race and weekend that had everything.