Choosing to mark the life of someone special who has passed by making a moving remembrance gift in their name to help sick children here in Temple Street is such a hopeful and lovely thing to do.

Temple Street means so much to so many. Hundreds of thousands of adults have spent time here when they were children – for some, it was just hours, but for others, it was months or even years. And tens of thousands of parents bring their own sick child here every year for the best care in the world.

Your gift you make will be put to use straight away on the frontline of care here in the hospital. There are always pressing needs to replace life-preserving equipment or to buy much- needed, new medical technology – for our wards, in our intensive care unit and for our operating theatres.

You will receive a letter of thanks and an In Memory or Sincere Sympathy card including the name of the person you wish to mark and celebrate the life of.