Meet Maisie

Wonderful little Maisie was just four years old when she fell seriously ill with chickenpox and began deteriorating rapidly. She was rushed from Tallaght by ambulance to Temple Street’s ICU, where doctors and nurses worked hard to stabilise her.

It was a terrifying time for her family and mum Janis says that they still didn’t know what was wrong with their precious daughter. “We were told she might not make it through the night – she had about a 20% chance. We went into total shock. Our daughter was a healthy child just hours beforehand. How could this be happening?”

Maisie’s loving family gathered in the hospital to give support to her distraught parents. After waiting anxiously for an update, they were told that Maisie was critically ill but holding her own. Janis says, “We had to hold on to the little hope we had.”

Maisie was diagnosed with streptococcal septicaemia and her little body was in toxic shock – her organs were failing. She was put on dialysis straight away. Janis says, “After four hours we were allowed to see her. Every part of her body had a needle or wire coming out of it.”

Maisie would go on to spend three weeks in ICU – with many serious hurdles to overcome. During that time she suffered a gastrointestinal bleed, collapsed lung, bleed on the brain and skin lesions on her legs and feet.

After being moved out of ICU, Maisie went on to spend four months in the tender care of Temple Street doctors and nurses. She bravely coped with having her dressings changed almost daily and the extensive skin grafts she needed to get better.

Janis says, “We would never have got through our stay without Maisie’s ‘best friends’ – physiotherapist Marie & play therapist Julie. We will never be able to thank the PICU team and Dr. Cathy Gibbons – who Maisie calls ‘the best doctor in the world’ – for saving our daughter’s life. These people are angels on earth!” Since Maisie’s illness, she’s now back to being a typical 6 year old. She does drama, dancing, has a real passion for horse-riding and loves Niall Horan!!