Meet Victoria

Beautiful little Victoria Barker White has been a fighter since day one. She came into the world last August, Victoria 4having been diagnosed pre-birth with a rare brain condition. It is a defect that causes bulging of the brain through openings in the skull.
Mum Charlotte says that when she was pregnant, she was initially told that her baby may not survive. She says that thanks to the tender care of doctors and nurses in Temple Street, her baby is now doing great!
Charlotte was just twenty-six weeks pregnant when a routine scan showed what looked like a cyst on her baby’s brain. After an anxious wait, a follow-up scan revealed that her daughter had an extremely rare condition called Encephalocele, and she may not survive.
Victoria’s parents Charlotte and Joseph were devastated. “It was also thought that she may have spina bifida, so we met with a specialist who referred us to Temple Street. It was there that we got our first glimmer of hope. After taking several scans, the consultant said that he was confident that our baby would survive. Although she may have problems with her eyesight, balance and co-ordination, there was a good chance she would make it.”
And Victoria did make it! Once born, she spent time in ICU, had a shunt inserted and needed
to be fed through a tube. The following four weeks were spent in St. Michael’s B High Dependency Unit. During this time, little Victoria fought hard – battling complications, more surgery and infections – before she was even two weeks old. Thankfully, Victoria has now made a full recovery and is coming on in leaps and bounds.
Her relieved Mum Charlotte says, “Thanks to Mr. Darach Crimmins and the staff on St. Michael’s B ward, she has made a full recovery and is now doing great! Temple Street has done an amazing job in helping Victoria to get to where she is today. Despite having very limited funds, the work they do there is amazing. Without them, I really believe our daughter may not have survived.”