Meet Killian

KillianBeautiful twins Killian and Emily came into the world ten weeks early last June, much to the joy of their parents Annette and Jason Fox. Although they’ve brought so much love with them, Killian’s arrival came with a lot of worry too for the family, as he was born with an exomphalos – an abdominal wall defect.

This has meant a tracheostomy, which was the scariest part for Annette. However she says that he is doing remarkably well under the care and attention of staff in Temple Street’s ICU, where Killian has been for most of his young life to date.

“As I sit by my son’s cot and look at all the equipment keeping him alive, I notice discreet plaques that acknowledge that this ventilator or that monitor was bought by funds raised by people who have donated their time and energy to help ensure babies and children like our little Killian get the best possible chance.”

Annette, Killian's mum

Annette says that she feels that she can do very little for her son at the moment, but the expertise of all his healthcare team and the generosity of others has ensured that he has a great chance to survive and thrive.

Despite these challenges, Annette has gone above and beyond for Temple Street by recruiting an amazing sixty women to join her and #TeamTempleStreet on the June Bank Holiday weekend for the Women’s Mini Marathon. You too can join Team Temple Street by signing up here.

“It’s true….every little bit helps….fundraising is part of the lifesaving team in Temple Street, and Jason and I owe them everything.”

Annette, Killian's mum