Meet Ivy

ivy todayIvy Guilfoyle was still in the womb when doctors discovered that she had a condition known as Gastroschisis, meaning that her intestines had developed outside of her abdomen. She was born by emergency caesarean section last March, four weeks early due to complications with her condition.

It was a worrying time for her mum Fawn, who knew her little girl would need immediate surgery when she was just a few hours old.

“I didn’t get to hold her when she was born as she needed to be whisked off so I only got a little look at her sweet face which was hard but it was important that Ivy had her surgery as soon as possible.”

Fawn, Ivy's Mam

The surgeons in Temple Street successfully operated on her, which meant removing a part of her damaged large intestine. Luckily, brave little Ivy only has a small battle scar to show what she has been through. After the surgery, Ivy needed a long time to recover, but is now happy and healthy and celebrating her first birthday!

Despite what she has been through, amazing mum Fawn is busy preparing for the Women’s Mini Marathon, ivy and fawnwhen – for a second year in a row – she’ll be joining a group of fellow women running for Team Ivy and raising much-needed funds for Temple Street.

“I had a picture made for the doctors and nurses after we left and it said, ‘My feet are very small and the way is hard, but I do not walk alone’, so if you think of it like that, taking part in the Mini Marathon is like walking with all these children, not physically, but making their walk through hard times that bit easier.”

Fawn, Ivy's Mam