Meet Aaron

cute baby
Aaron has a lot to smile about today!

Aaron Russell is made of strong stuff – at just 3 months old, mum Niamh noticed that he wasn’t quite his usual self. He wasn’t drinking his bottles and was constantly asleep. The night before Christmas Eve 2014, his worried parents brought him into A&E in Temple Street, extremely pale and with a high temperature.

Following blood tests and a lumbar puncture, Aaron’s family were informed that he had pneumococcal meningitis.

“We were devastated, but Aaron fought the meningitis with the help of Professor Nicholson and all the staff and doctors in Temple Street.”

Niamh, Aaron's mum

aaron 2014

It was a very emotional time for Aaron’s parents, but he came out stronger than ever. He has had numerous follow-up checks since that worrying time and Niamh says that, this month, he was finally discharged from the outpatients’ clinic with absolutely no complications from the meningitis. He’s now a healthy, happy and energetic eighteen month old boy with a bright future ahead of him.

“Aaron came out scott free from meningitis and we are completely over the moon. From such bad news we have had nothing but good news since the day he left. We couldn’t have gotten through this without Temple Street, and for that I will always be grateful!”

Niamh, Aaron's mum