Denise Fitzgerald

From the day I started here, I’ve loved everything about Temple Street – the way all the staff look after our little patients, caring for distressed mums and dads, the way the nurses and doctors do so much to make things better.

I am so proud of what we have achieved together over the years. I get to see every day the impact of the funds raised by our generous supporters in the form of our new facilities and equipment all around the hospital that is saving little lives as we speak.

My main motivation for joining the team at Temple Street was becoming a mother myself. Working beside one of our busy wards makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have three healthy children. Every day, I see parents placing their trust in the hands of the doctors and nurses in Temple Street to make their little ones better, and I take pride in the knowledge that every day my team works with the hospital to ensure that these little fighters get the best chance at a healthy future.