Meet Sophie

This June, Claire Cody and her team will be joining #TeamTempleStreet at the Women’s Mini Marathon 2019. Claire’s daughter Sophie is just one of the 147,000 children who are treated in Temple Street every year. This is her story:

Sophie’s Temple Street journey began in March, when her mum Claire brought her to the Emergency Department to be treated for a suspected virus. Since the beginning of the year, Sophie had been feeling unwell and losing weight, and on the day she arrived at Temple Street she was very sick and nauseous.

Mum Claire says, “There was a lot of coming and going of doctors and they asked Sophie to do a urine sample. Her urine was pink and the doctor looked alarmed. I couldn’t believe when he said Sophie was very unwell and would be brought straight to ICU. My legs turned to jelly.”

Sophie’s blood pressure was extremely high and the next day Sophie underwent MRI and CT scans. Claire says, “They brought my husband and me into the parents’ room and we were told that Sophie’s kidneys were damaged and could not be fixed – and that she would need a kidney transplant down the line. We couldn’t believe we were being told this – it was the worst news ever.”

Sophie spent the next ten days in ICU before being transferred to St. Michael’s C Ward.  However, complications with her bowel as a result of her high blood pressure meant that Sophie needed major surgery to have 70cm of her bowel and her appendix removed. She spent a further three days in ICU and a total of six weeks in Temple Street.

“Thank God I have never had to be in Temple Street before this, but from the minute I went into A&E, Sophie was looked after incredibly well. From the doctors and nurses in ICU to the staff in St. Michael’s C – they went out of their way to make us comfortable. It felt so nice and comforting to see some of the ICU nurses coming down to see Sophie in Michael’s C ward to check up on how she was doing. The level of care is second to none.”

During their most difficult moments, Claire says that talking to other families in Intensive Care stands out in her mind. “Talking to other families in the parents’ room in ICU really helped, as everyone had their own trauma with their child going on. I’m still in contact with one of the mothers – out of something horrible, a friendship was formed.”

Since then, Sophie has been a regular patient to Temple Street and attends three times a week for dialysis. Claire says the most challenging part for the family was the separation; as Claire spent the entire six weeks in hospital with her daughter.

Claire says, “Sophie attends dialysis three days a week. It is hard coming in –  especially for Sophie – and we won’t know yet how long it will be for as we have to go on the donor list yet. She needs to get well enough after all that has happened her.”

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