Meet Sonny

This incredible little boy was born with a number of serious health issues – including Spina Bifida and Chiari II, which left his vocal cord paralysed and needing a tracheostomy to help him breathe. Sonny was immediately rushed to Temple Street’s ICU.

Mum Karen says that, while she always knew Sonny would make it, it was still a desperately worrying time for
both her and her husband Pól.

“We went home every night when Sonny fell asleep. I tried never to cry in the hospital but would cry the whole way home missing his little face already. I would call his nurse as soon as I got in the door, then before I went to sleep and if I woke in the night.”

Temple Street became Sonny’s home for eight long months, and Karen says during that time, the doctors and surgeons saved his life more than once.

“The Spina Bifida and ENT nurses were amazing. They never lost faith in Sonny even when he was so sick.”

And certainly Sonny is a little boy that made Temple Street buzz during his time here. His smile became famous and Karen says that the very first time he ever smiled in ICU simply melted her heart.

In the last few months, Karen is thrilled to report that Sonny has had his tracheostomy removed. She looks fondly on it, and says was the best thing that ever happened to him.

“Without the tracheostomy and Temple Street, Sonny would not be here. It’s been a long road – but not all paved with tears and sadness. I’ve never laughed as much in my life as I have since Sonny was born – he’s a tonic.”

Sonny will continue to attend Temple Street into the future, but the future looks bright for this wonderful little boy.

“He has started trying to crawl & in September he began going to preschool. He has made loads of friends and loves going every morning.  He turned 3 in July and moved into his new big boy car bedroom as he’s formula 1 obsessed!”