Meet Katie

When Katie was three years old she had a fall down the stairs. While nothing was broken, after a short while, she began to be sick and her mum Lynda-Mai brought her to hospital, fearing that she had concussion.

Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse, and Katie’s condition began to decline and she fell unconscious. A CT scan revealed that she had a bleed on the brain.

Katie was rushed up to theatre where she was intubated and ventilated, and the doctors and nurses kept a close eye on the pressure on her brain. Thankfully, after 72 hours, her condition remained stable and she didn’t need surgery – but she stayed in Temple Street, in the gentle care of the hospital’s medical teams.

Thankfully, Katie’s condition continued to improve and she was able to be woken up. Today, Katie still comes to Temple Street regularly, to monitor her epilepsy and the fluid on her brain. But mum Lynda-Mai says that she’s a bubbly and happy little girl who is exceeding all her targets!

“Katie is really funny, shoe loves to play pranks and trick people. She’s always smiling – she’s a very happy little girl.

Katie loves Temple Street – she says am I going to my hospital today! She loves all the clinics that we’ve been to – amazing is the only word.”