Meet Alex

Alex Butler is a very familiar face in Temple Street as he has a range of health issues including quadriplegic cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy.

On the first of January this year Alex was rushed to Temple Street suffering from seizures and severe  pain. When he arrived in St. Gabriel’s Ward Alex was immediately placed in the expert and gentle care of our doctors and nurses.

But in the days and weeks that were to come, Alex went on to develop a range of complications – including respiratory distress, problems absorbing his food, more seizures, pain and fever. But every day they were here, Alex was comforted and looked after by Temple Street’s community of doctors, nurses, porters, catering staff, social workers and everyone who went out of their way to make a very stressful and worrying time as easy as possible.

Mum Maggie says, “The staff is amazing…especially Nora in the canteen who was always there with a big hug and a cup of coffee when I was feeling sorry for myself. They couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful and they all make Temple Street the fantastic hospital it is today.”

And of course, Alex received the very best of care. He loved the play therapists who came to visit every day – Veronica, who read stories to him and Julie, who gave him wonderful head massages. And Alex’s love of music meant that visits from music therapist Alison were a real highlight! Finally, after eleven weeks and three days, Alex was discharged on the 21st March.

Maggie says, “Alex is doing really well since he has been discharged from St Gabriel’s Ward in March and enjoying life at home with his brothers and sisters and not forgetting the family dog and bird!! He still attends Temple St regularly for check-ups and we love meeting all the familiar faces when we go up and saying hello. I’m always amazed that even though so many children pass through the hospital every day they still remember people and always make time to stop for a chat….It’s part of the magic that makes Temple St so special!”