Temple Street’s Incubator Appeal

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Please help us buy three baby incubators for our High Dependency Unit – vital machines needed every minute of every day

Beautiful little Ruadhán was the best wedding anniversary Alan and Ciara from Galway could have hoped for when he arrived into the world last year. He was a gorgeous, healthy looking boy who lit up their lives. But when Ruadhán was just days old, the light of their joy dimmed. Mum Ciara quickly realised that all was not right – Ruadhán was seriously ill.

“Our little Ruadhán was diagnosed with a rare form of hyperinsulism affecting one in 50,000 children. It meant he had dangerous levels of insulin in his body. Hyperinsulism can cause brain damage and other serious problems. We were terrified.”

Ciara, Ruadhán's Mum

Desperately sick, Ruadhán was rushed by ambulance to Temple Street. Ciara and Alan were so upset. Ruadhán was their first child and the journey to Dublin was their first time being separated from him.

So, in reality, Ruadhán’s first home was his dependable incubator – a cosy, enclosed high-tech cot which allowed him to be safe, monitored and as comfortable as possible.

A specialised scan revealed that Ruadhán would need to have 95% of his pancreas removed. Miraculously though, during the surgery, they discovered that his pancreas was only damaged in one small area, which meant that they could save most of it.

He made his delicate recovery in the days and weeks that were to follow, cared for in a high-tech incubator in our St. Michael’s B Ward.

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“Ruadhán had been connected to a lot of tubes, wires, feeds and IV lines. He also had to battle complications and infections. His incubator was his life support. It allowed him to battle all his difficulties. It meant we could see and interact with him at all times. It meant the amazing staff could monitor him and care for him every minute of every day.”

Ciara, Ruadhán's Mum

Thankfully, today, Ruadhán is at home with his loving mum and dad, and is the picture of health. Will you join us in making sure we can buy three new state-of-the-art incubators? Will you help leave a wonderful legacy for thousands of fragile and sick children just like Ruadhán?

Please help this spring and give seriously sick children in Temple Street the gift of their first, cosy home
– a high-tech baby incubator.

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