Tesco Staff and Customers raise an amazing €5million for Temple Street

Temple Street’s charity partnership with Tesco is changing lives – Tesco Staff and customers raise an amazing €5million for Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Temple Street is delighted to announce that Tesco staff and their customers have raised an amazing €5million in 5 years! Since the start of our partnership back in October 2014, the Temple Street and Tesco relationship has gone from strength to strength. The funds raised by Tesco staff and the customers have had a life changing impact on our patients, their families and our staff. It has enabled us to purchase life-saving equipment for our hospital. Equipment like patient monitors, respiratory equipment, patient trolleys and morphine pumps to name but a few.  This equipment very simply means the difference between life and death for our patients.

See our equipment purchased to date

Speaking about the partnership – Mona Baker, Site CEO, CHI at Temple Street said 

Mona Baker, Site CEO

“Being the Tesco Charity Partner has without a doubt, been an honour and a privilege here in CHI at Temple Street and for our Temple Street Foundation. We are absolutely overwhelmed with the €5million raised over the past five years and we cannot thank Tesco staff  right across the country enough for the relentless work they have put in to make this happen.”

Each day the positive and powerful impact that Tesco has had on Temple Street can be seen throughout the hospital. Thanks to the hard work of their staff and customers, we have been able to provide the tools that enable our world renowned medical teams to provide our patients and families with the best possible care. This means the 147,000 children who pass through the doors of Temple Street each year will have access and benefit from this life-saving equipment.

Staff and Families Thank Tesco:

“Tesco’s contribution continues to be instrumental for the provision of safe and efficient healthcare for children in Ireland – keep up the great work!” John Caird, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon, CHI at Temple Street.





“Words cannot describe the phenomenal and significant difference Tesco has made to the Temple Street family– you are now a part of that family.” John Doyle, Head of Portering Services    






“A big Thank You to Tesco Staff, their generosity brings a smile to a child every day”Fionnuala Mee, Clinical Nurse Manager





“When children like Anthony get sick, it’s the equipment that Tesco and their staff have funded that enable the amazing doctors and nurses to give him the best care possible.” Janet Iannucci, Anthony’s Mum 





There has been a lot of fun and laughs over the last 5 years – from supporting our annual Christmas Light up event to running marathons to baking cakes and shaving beards, Tesco staff members across Ireland have and continue to go above and beyond for the little heroes of Temple Street.

We cannot thank Tesco, its staff and customers enough for their determination, hard work, kindness and compassion over the last 5 years.

From everyone here at Temple Street our patients, parents and staff members – Thank You Tesco!