“Onwards and Upwards” by Don Briggs

Great news! Our dear friend author Don Briggs has created yet another amazing children’s book to support our very special hospital, titled “Onwards and Upwards”, and it is illustrated by the amazing Naomi Peppard.
You’ll remember Don’s wonderful books, “The Boy Who Wanted A Dragon” and “The Return of the Dragon” from before which has brought great joy and raised much needed funds for our hospital.
But we have event better news, In a year that’s been full of challenges, this Christmas Eddie Rockets wanted to give back and show their appreciation to all the amazing children in CHI at Temple Street.
So they have teamed up with Don Briggs to support the new magical children’s book ‘Onwards and Upwards’ and help raise much needed funds for our very special hospital too.
Onwards and Upwards tells a tale of Eddie and his exciting space adventure around the planets.
100% of book sales will be donated to the Children’s Health Foundation Temple Street.
For the perfect gift this Christmas, get yours in Eddie Rocket’s diners or online