Trick or Treat for Temple Street Ambassador – Maia Dunphy

We are excited to announce that this year’s ambassador for Trick or Treat for Temple street is the wickedly funny TV presenter, writer and new mum Maia Dunphy!

Maia popped in to the hospital recently to help us launch our spookiest fundraiser and the kids had great fun scaring her.

Maia is encouraging everyone – kids, adults, schools and work places – to host a spooky party and help Temple Street. It is so easy to do and great fun!

“The Trick or Treat Campaign can do a great amount to help change this and bring BL5Q0322conditions at this wonderful hospital into the 21st century.  All you have to do to help make this happen is host a party and enjoy yourself”

Maia Dunphy, Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat for Temple Street is one of our biggest fundraisers and is in its 14th year. Last year there were over 1,800 Halloween parties held nationwide for this campaign and this year we are hoping there will be even more.

Will you join us in scaring the nation with your Trick or Treat for Temple Street party? It frighteningly easy to register. Just fill out this quick form and we will post a party pack out to you.