T4TS 2019 Raises €270,000

Techies4TempleStreet 2019 has raised €270,000 surpassing the €1 million goal set over the 5 years of the event. These funds will help benefit over 150,000 patients who walk through the doors of Temple Street every year in many different ways. Funds raised in 2019 were used to purchase a Mass Spectrometer for the Rapid Identification of Bacteria in the Microbiology Department.

Mass Spectrometer: This instrument allows the Microbiology laboratory to identify bacteria from isolates grown from clinical samples within 30 minutes, as opposed to 24 hours which was required previously. Most clinical laboratories in Ireland have switched to this method of identification; this purchase ensures that Temple Street Hospital is kept up to date with technological advances.

Benefits for Patients: 

  • The ability to confirm the bacterial identification of organisms within 90 minutes will improve patient management.
  • By knowing the identity of organisms 24 hours earlier, patients will receive faster targeted treatment which will reduce the amount of time spent in hospital.

Benefits for the Hospital:

  • The quicker turnaround of results will allow Temple Street Hospital to free up bed spaces.
  • There is a growing concern that patients are developing a resistance to antimicrobials, which are used to treat bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections. This equipment will allow organisms to be identified earlier and therefore will reduce inappropriate anti-biotic use, a factor which contributes to resistance.
  • The Mass Spectrometer will also provide opportunity for research in a fast-moving and rapidly changing technological area, as well as providing opportunity to streamline the work at the Irish Meningitis and Sepsis Reference Laboratory.