Our Patients – Meet Alyssa

Alyssa 11Beautiful Alyssa was still in the womb when her loving mum and dad Amanda & Keith discovered at their 20-week scan that their little girl would be born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

To help them prepare for what was to come, they met with a neurosurgeon here in Temple Street, to learn more about the conditions and what would happen when she arrived into the world.

On the day of Alyssa’s birth, everything was prepared here in our special hospital for her. As Amanda recovered in hospital, new Daddy Keith was shown the ropes of how to feed and hold his new little bundle.

“The nurses on Michael’s B were amazing – even though she arrived with attitude! I got over to see her the next day before her closure operation and the nurses took care of me too. I had just had a section so they gave me a pillow to sit by her and a cuppa!”

Amanda, Alyssa's Mum

The day of the operation was scary for the family but Amanda says that she felt better having had the opportunity to meet the neurosurgeons, the physiotherapists, occupational therapists and Spina Bifida nurses.

“Alyssa was in hospital for a week when she was born, then in for another week to reclose her wound at four weeks. She had her shunt inserted at eight weeks and stayed for another week. Michael’s B was our home for over three weeks in total at the start.”

Amanda says that the nurses were amazing – doing a feed when she was exhausted and giving her time to leave the ward for aAlyssa 6 break.

Now a year and a half old, Alyssa is on her feet with the help of a walker, climbing stairs and loves seeing her friends in Temple Street. After each visit, she sits on the floor with her dog Emma to hell her all about her day!

“She has a very good team looking after her and we will be forever thankful for all they have done for her. They always explain everything so well, and don’t question you even if you’re being a very informed parent with loads of questions!”