How to host your Great Irish Bake with lifted restrictions

Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay

With the fantastic news that COVID-19 restrictions are changing over the next few weeks we wanted to give you some bright ideas on what you can do to host your own bake.

Of course, we would encourage you to refer to the government guidelines and timings at the time of your activity to ensure you are keeping yourself and others safe!

From the 10th May there will be an increase in the numbers that can meet outdoors for social/recreational purposes, including in private gardens – maximum of 3 households or 6 people from any number of households. This limit of 6 does not include children aged 12 or younger. There will also be the vaccine bonus, fully vaccinated people can meet indoors with other fully vaccinated people as long as there are no more than 3 households present.

This can mean meeting with up to 6 friends or family members and their young children (under 12) for some afternoon tea (with your bakes!) in the garden or the nearby park. You can have a hybrid activity where some meet in person and others join virtually by video call, so that everybody who wants to can be included!

Why not have a community bake sale in your neighbourhood? Or you can take baking deliveries to houses nearby. Check out our article on Grace’s socially distanced bake sale where she raised over €1,000!

You can meet in small groups for cakes and champagne, and celebrate some of the events during the year that couldn’t be celebrated at the time such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, job promotions – all while hosting your Great Irish Bake.

We know that a lot of us can’t wait to be back traveling, so in the meantime, get together and bake the treats of the countries you and your friends are going to go to once we can travel again.

Some shops will begin to open up again from 10th May but from the 17th May all remaining retail can reopen.

This is the perfect opportunity to support your local businesses, many of whom are taking part in Great Irish Bake! Some businesses taking part will be giving a euro of each sale to Crumlin and Temple Street. See if your local coffee shop or bakery is taking part this year – Two extra reasons to feel good while getting involved!

We are so excited to see all the fun and creative ideas taking place around the Great Irish Bake this year, so please ensure that you use government guidelines and your judgement to keep yourself and everyone safe whilst raising vital funds for sick children in CHI at Crumlin and Temple Street.

Taking part in the Great Irish Bake has never been easier, and all funds raised will help fund vital life-saving equipment for our little patients in CHI at Crumlin and Temple Street.

Just sign up below and we’ll send you out a Great Irish Baking Kit. You can take part in the Great Irish Bake anytime around May 21st. We’ll be sharing plenty of ideas and support along the way to help you whip up a storm in the kitchen! Whisk it for a biscuit and Register today by filling out the form below and let the fun begin. We will send you everything you need to make your bake sale a sweet success including your very own great Irish bake recipe book, balloons, posters and more!