Great Irish Bake – A Message from Brian O’Driscoll

With the Temple Street Foundation ‘Great Irish Bake’ to kick off tomorrow Friday the 5th of June, we’re delighted to share a very important message from Irish Rugby legend and pundit Brian O’Driscoll.


“Have you been getting your bake on these last couple of months? Well if so let’s put those new found skills to good use and join us for the Great Irish Bake for Temple Street and help raise some funds for our little heroes in Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Every year thousands of kids come through the door of Temple Street. Some of them with very complex life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Hospitals believe that each and every one of those kids deserves the chance to thrive and get better. It’s through these vital fundraising initiatives that funds are raised to be able to buy the best of equipment and deliver the best of care for every single patient.

Now what are we talking about – we’re talking about baking for the month of June. The Temple Street Foundation will have their event on Friday 5th of June. For everybody else sign up at we’re looking for people to host virtual bake video calls with your friends and family. If you live with family maybe they’ll taste your wears, maybe they’ll tell you you’re the next Nigella Lawson or maybe they’ll tell you to keep on trying. I’m looking forward to delving into my Paul Hollywood ‘How to bake’ book – it’s become a new bible the last couple of months and having a bit of fun with it and let’s also raise some great funds for an incredibly worthy cause. So let’s get involved!”

Click the following link to sign up and get involved –>> #GIB2020