Constant Care Christmas Appeal


This Christmas we need your support more than ever.  The incredible love and support that you give to the sick children in CHI at Temple Street has never been needed as much as it is right now.

As you know, the last few months have put so much pressure on all of our hospitals and frontline staff. And so many of our vital fundraising events have been affected.

We are asking you to give critically-ill children like Jake one of the most powerful and precious Christmas gifts of all – Your loving care and support.

This time last year, a very special little boy named Jake was looking forward to the best Christmas present in the world. On Christmas Eve, he was due to leave hospital and spend Christmas at home for the very first time.

Jake has a rare and critical condition called Omphalocele, which means that when he was born, many of his vital organs were on the outside of his body.

Jake’s is one of the most extreme cases our medical teams have ever seen.

“Before he was born, they told us they couldn’t see how Jake would make it. They said he had only a 5% chance of survival.”Jenny, Jake’s Mum.

But on Christmas Eve morning, Jake’s central line came out, his temperature spiked and he needed emergency treatment. He would have to stay in hospital over Christmas.

“It was devastating, the nurses couldn’t even look at us without crying because we had built it up so much that we were going home for Christmas.” Jenny, Jake’s Mum.


Jake is just one of the many seriously-ill children who, every year, spend Christmas in CHI at Temple Street fighting for their lives.

It was your passionate support for the sick children in CHI Temple Street that helped to provide much of the specialised medical equipment that has helped to keep Jake alive, like the ventilator that helped him breathe and the specialised incubator that kept him safe and warm.
But essential equipment like this needs to be updated or replaced.

That’s the amazing Christmas gift that you can give to another family today.

Remember, be it a special gift for Christmas or an inspirational regular monthly donation, your gift will do so much more than just help to provide life-saving medical equipment.

Your Christmas gift will also help fund patient supports provided by the play team specialist to help children cope with serious illness and for children like Jake to get the music therapy that was such a vital part of his emotional care.

Your support can also help to make dreams come true – especially for the families of children who need long-term specialised care, like Jake.

And now, thanks to your support, Jake and his family are getting ready for Christmas together.

Thank you for being part of the extraordinary Temple Street family.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

For general donation inquiries, please call 01 8784344 or email

For corporate donation inquiries, please contact Ailbhe at (01) 8784344 or email