Our Christmas raffle calls have started!

We are in full swing making calls to recruit supporters of this year’s raffle. It’s thanks to our amazing supporters for Temple Street’s Christmas Raffle that our hospital is what it is today. We have achieved so much and we can’t thank you enough.

Advances in medical equipment, treatment and care are constantly evolving – so we must too. In Temple Street we can never stand still and that is why each year we must renew our efforts and upgrade or purchase essential pieces of life-saving equipment like ventilators, cardiac monitors and infant warmers for our Intensive Care Unit. Because without them, our critical care units and our medical teams could not safeguard precious little lives.

Precious little lives like three year old Lucy; she was happy, full of life until things started to change – in just two weeks her mum Fiona noticed she was extremely exhausted and wanted to do nothing but lie down.

Dizzy spells and vomiting soon followed and Lucy was referred to her local hospital for a CT scan. The scan revealed a mass on Lucy’s brain so she was immediately transferred to Temple Street for an MRI and biopsy.

“As anyone can imagine that journey to Temple Street was a blur. We were in total shock and facing the unknown. We had a three year old in tow who had no idea what was happening and who was happy out eating crisps and watching a DVD in the back of the car.” Fiona, Lucy’s mum.

Tests revealed that Lucy had a stage 4 malignant tumour. Her parents were devastated.

After further tests and biopsies thankfully the amazing team here at Temple successfully removed the tumour. She has undergone Chemotherapy and since had two MRI scans giving her the all clear and little Lucy is back to her old self, happy, smiling and back home with her family.

But Lucy is just one of thousands of critically ill children who will pass through Temple Street’s doors requiring specialist medical treatment and equipment. And with your help, we can make sure that children like Lucy always have access to the essential life-saving equipment they need. That’s the power of a simple raffle ticket.

If you would like to support our Christmas Raffle by selling tickets please complete our online form below and a book of tickets will be posted to you shortly. Tickets are 3 euro each and there are 25 tickets in a book. If you sell them all you’ll be entered into a special Seller’s Prize Draw where you could win €1,000.

We have some amazing raffle prizes: 1st prize €10,000, 2nd prize €5,000, 10 prizes of €200.
The closing date for this year’s draw is December 18th and the draw will take place on December 21st. Thank you so much for being a real champion for sick children. Your support means the world to us.

If you have any questions about Temple Street’s Christmas Raffle, visit our FAQ page!