The Great Irish Bake is one of Ireland’s biggest baking events and one of the most important dates in our events calendar. This year we are asking everyone from all around the country to sign up invite your friends and family to join you for a special virtual bake off, host a cooking tutorial on Zoom or organize a sugarcraft competition – the possibilities are endless! The more people you invite to join, the more fun it’ll be AND the more funds you can raise to support sick children in CHI at Crumlin and Temple Street. This year our Great Irish Bake is a competition where the winners are always the children who need it most. So let’s turn a little friendly competition into donations that make the lives of sick children better.

Jam Jar

About Children’s Health Foundation

Our vision is to give every sick child the very best chance – and that’s why we are committed to supporting our hospitals so that it can continue to save little lives. Every single day, sick children and their worried families come through the doors of CHI at Crumlin and Temple Street in need of world-class medical care. We raise the funds needed to ensure that these children have access to the very best pediatric equipment, facilities, supports and research when they need it most.