Organise a Movie Night

movie night

Irish people go to the cinema more than any other country in Europe, so why not make the most of our love affair with film by hosting your own fundraising movie night!


  1. Choose your genre – are you going to hold a kiddies’ movie morning or an evening strictly for grown-ups – everyone loves a comedy, action flick or romance! Why not make it a double-bill for a couple more euro?
  2. Where will you hold your event? Find out which one of your friends has the biggest TV, borrow a projector from a local school or why not hold your event in a local hall or community centre.
  3. Ask friends to help – Call on neighbours, friends and workmates to donate some coffee, tea and movie snacks to sell on the night.


  1. Create your movie posters, spread the word amongst friends and family and the local community if you’re going for a bigger audience!
  2. Ask the local community to contribute to the night by popping some popcorn or donating some fizzy drinks to add to the cinema atmosphere!
  3. Price your snacks and your film entry – you could even have a bit of fun and print out some cinema ticket stubs to hand out.


  1. Set up your ticket desk at the door and be sure to have your Temple Street collection jar out where everyone can see it.
  2. Why not start your evening with a Temple Street video and show your audience exactly where their generously donated funds will go. You’ll find all our videos on our YouTube channel.
  3. Make sure everyone is comfortable – dig out your spare cushions, cosy blankets and turn out the lights.
  4. Don’t miss the opportunity to show some trailers for your next movie night to whet everyone’s appetite for your next fundraising occasion!

Donate your red carpet funds!

  1. Put your hard-earned funds to work in Temple Street straight away by donating online or calling Temple Street Foundation on 01 878 4344.
  2. If you’re local, why not pop by the hospital with your funds – we would love to meet you and thank you in person for your amazing fundraising and even take a snap with the big cheque!

Thank you so much for holding a community fundraising event for Temple Street – a very special hospital that cares for some of Ireland’s sickest children. If you want to try another fundraising idea then click here