Fundraising Coffee Morning


Everyone loves a tea / coffee morning and knowing that they’re making a difference for Temple Street makes their experience even sweeter!

Getting organised

  1. The event details – Decide on the scale of your event! Will it be a simple cuppa and a bun for elevenses with friends or a large event in the local community centre?
  2. Choose a date that suits your network and make sure that it doesn’t clash with any other coffee mornings or similar events!
  3. Ask friends to help – Call on neighbours, friends and workmates to donate some coffee, tea, buns, paper plates and lend you other supplies like coffee pots, kettles and flasks.

Promote your coffee morning

  1. Shout it from the rooftops – Create flyers or circulate text invitations with the time and date. Don’t forget to let them know that it’s for a good cause!
  2. If you’re going for a larger event put up posters and ask local businesses to share it on their Facebook pages.

Get Brewing!

  1. You can hold your coffee morning at any time of year – you could stage your event out in the fresh air for a picnic feel on those warm summer mornings, or cosy inside with the fire lit on a cold winter’s day.
  2. Pop out a few donation jars
  3. Create some special deals to bring in more funds – have a coffee & cake package or have a few plastic bags or cardboard cups on hand for anyone who would like to bulk buy or sip on the go!

Donate your tea-mendous funds!

  1. Put your hard-earned funds to work in Temple Street straight away by donating online or calling Temple Street Foundation on 01 878 4344.
  2. If you’re local, why not pop by the hospital with your funds – we would love to meet you and thank you in person for your amazing fundraising and even take a snap with the big cheque!

Thank you so much for holding a community fundraising event for Temple Street – a very special hospital that cares for some of Ireland’s sickest children. If you want to try another fundraising idea then click here