Bake Sale Fundraiser

Bake Sale Fundraiser For Charity

Holding a bake sale to raise funds for Temple Street Children’s Hospital is simplicity itself! Just follow these easy steps to sweet success!

Plan in advance

  1. The event details – Decide what type of bake sale you would like to hold. Will it be a stand at your local community centre? Will you hold a Madhatters’ Tea Party? Perhaps a seasonal picnic tickles your fancy? The ideas are endless!
  2. Choose your date – How long will you need to prepare? Make sure you event doesn’t clash with any other big events in your area. Choose an event that you’ll enjoy and everyone else will have a ball too!
  3. Recruit helpers – There is no need to go solo, get other enthusiastic bakers, decoration makers and bucket shakers on board!

Promote your event

  1. Shout it from the rooftops – Think about creating flyers, posters to get the word out about your delicious fundraiser!
  2. Drop into local shops and businesses to pin up notices. Put flyers through doors and send texts to neighbours and friends. Look up local community groups and organisations in your area and send them personalised invitations.
  3. Go online – Create a Facebook event and invite all your friends. Ask the community centre to put a post up on their page. Share your bake sale far and wide!

Local Press & Radio

  1. Ring your local radio station and ask them to shout about your bake sale. To keep them sweet about sharing your event you could drop by their offices with a box of delicious treats!
  2. Sent a ‘save the date’ to your local newspaper, parish newsletter and local representatives. Let them know your doing it for a great cause and everyone will want to help!

Get Baking!

  1. You can hold your bake sale at any time of year, Temple Street’s Great Irish Bake is a great place to find oodles of tasty inspiration. Check out some of the tasty recipes here.
  2. Make your cake stand beautiful with these gorgeous Great Irish Bake downloads from cake toppers and bunting to price tags and much more beside.
  3. Price your goodies – All the funds are going to a great cause so don’t sell your tasty treats too cheap! Decide on a fair price and maybe even offer a special offer if your customers buy in bulk!

Donate your Dough

  1. Put your hard-earned funds to work in Temple Street straight away by donating online or calling Temple Street Foundation on 01 878 4344.
  2. If you’re local, why not pop by the hospital with your funds – we would love to meet you and thank you in person for your amazing fundraising and even take a snap with the big cheque!

Thank you so much for holding a community fundraising event for Temple Street – a very special hospital that cares for some of Ireland’s sickest children. If you want to try another fundraising idea then click here