Funds raised and Lives saved

Women's Mini Marathon 2014
Some of our Temple Street nurses feeling very proud!

This year, we are delighted to announce that we have reached and surpassed our target of €100,000!! This was no easy task and we have only our Team Temple Street women to thank. It is down to the generosity and hard work that all of our wonderful ladies put in that we have achieved so much.

With this fundraising we will purchase life-saving equipment such as Anaesthetic Machines. This type of machine is what we use when one of our little patients has to get an operation. It keeps the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels normal and our patients safe until they wake up! It is thanks to your support that we can maintain the best equipment necessary to provide the absolute best treatment that our patients deserve.

“I admire and appreciate all the staff employed in Temple Street do to help our children. Thanks to all for giving me the incentive to partake in the Womens Mini Marathon.”

Therese Kirwan, Women's Mini Marathoner

Thanks again to everyone who joined our team this year and made it our biggest and best year ever! Over 1280 ladies came out wearing our purple colours and showing Dublin just what we are all made of! Afterwards over 300 Team Temple Street mini-marathoners joined us for our now famous post-marathon reception in the Russell Court Hotel. We had some great raffle prizes, goody bags and a delicious barbecue to help wind down and relax after such a monumental achievement. Congratulations to all of our Team and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!