#MyTempleStreetHero: Meet Ella-Rose

Roseann Hogan from Galway is a super mum of three gorgeous young children and has signed herself and a team of 27 ladies as part of #TeamTempleStreet for this year’s Women’s Mini Marathon on 3rd June.
We asked her who she would be thinking about when she crosses the finish line and her daughter Ella-Rose is her Temple Street Hero.  Here’s her story:

Our amazing baby girl Ella-Rose McGrath entered our lives on the 28th July 2014, weighing a healthy 9 ½ pounds. But just seven short hours later, the unthinkable happened – Ella-Rose stopped breathing.

She was rushed back to the labour ward where her oxygen levels were brought back to normal. Unfortunately, however, this is when Ella-Rose suffered a brain haemorrhage. She was bleeding in her brain and we didn’t know.
We took Ella-Rose home and snuggled and cuddled our precious baby. We were ready to start enjoying our lives as a family of three. But ten days later, Ella-Rose began vomiting violently.

I heard the doctors say words like ‘spinal tap’, ‘antibiotics’ and ‘meningitis’. I was so worried. But the vomiting stopped and we were allowed home again. Over the next five months, Ella-Rose’s head circumference reached a staggering 52cm. Just before Christmas we learnt that our little girl had ‘Hydrocephalus’ – which we had never heard of before. When you hear ‘water on the brain’ you immediately panic.

We were just about to take Ella to see Santa for the first time when we got the news. Christmas is such a magical time of the year for us but our world was turned upside down – but we still brought her to see the big man! Christmas passed in a blur but when we arrived in Temple Street for the first time and met with Mr. Crimmins, a sense of relief came over me. Somehow, I knew my baby girl was going to be just fine. Mr. Crimmins was so calm and relaxed and talked us through everything.

“I’ll never forget handing my baby over at the theatre door.”

Roseann, Ella-Rose's mum

He told us that Ella had a cyst obstructing the ventricles so a shunt needed to be inserted to keep a regular flow of spinal fluid going. I can’t say enough about the nurses on St. Gabriel’s Ward and I’ll never forget handing my baby over at the theatre door on 13th January 2015.

We waited three hours for her to come back to us. It felt like a lifetime. The best feeling was having her handed back to us and knowing that she was feeling better and that this would change her life for the better.
And only recently, in March of this year at just over three and half years old, Ella had her first revision when her shunt became

blocked. But yet again we experienced the amazing staff who work miracles every day in the hospital. I can’t thank them enough.

I’ve been meaning to do the Women’s Mini Marathon since our first visit to Temple Street but I fell pregnant with Ella’s twin brother’s now aged two. So I’m finally able to commit and show my appreciation to this amazing hospital and raise some much needed funds to help all our little warriors. I’m travelling up to Dublin with a bus of 26 which I gathered up in my local area, from crèche, gym and family members. We are looking forward to participating this June.

“This is for you Ella-Rose you are such an inspiration in our lives. We love you so much baby. xxx”

Roseann, Ella-Rose's mum