Elaine steps out for Amber

Amber's mum Elaine runs the Women's Mini Marathon for Temple Street
Elaine feeling proud following the Women’s Mini Marathon.

Just before Christmas 2013 Elaine O’Rourke’s 5 year old daughter Amber suffered a stroke. Her condition was so severe Elaine worried she may never recover. Thankfully this wasn’t the case. Everyone in Temple Street was delighted to see Amber make a recovery and she remains to this day one of Temple Street’s favourite princesses!

After her experience with Temple Street Elaine decided that she was going to make a difference to the hospital that saved her daughter’s life.Elaine’s next decision was what exactly she would do.

The Women’s Mini Marathon is something she had always been meaning to take part in so she decided 2014 would be the year. She signed up for Team Temple Street for the Mini Marathon in June. Elaine then got on the phone to all her ladies around Carlow (and beyond) who had been so touched by their collective experience with Amber and they were all absolutely delighted to get involved!

Together Elaine and her team of 20 ladies pulled on their t-shirts, got their bus to Dublin and completed their 10K walk, all in aid of the Renal Ward in Temple Street. So far they have raised over €7,000 and counting! It is ladies like these that make such a difference to the Women’s Mini Marathon; they give it heart, soul and a whole lot of fun. We are delighted to have them as part of our team.

“It was great to be a part of such a great team. We really enjoyed the day and it was a great excuse for all the girls to get out while making such a difference.”

Elaine, Amber's Mum