#MyTempleStreetHero: Meet Alfie

Kirsty Keane from Dublin is Mum to little Alfie. She is part of Team Alfie alongside big sister Sonya who – after their incredible participation last year – collectively raised €2,465 and are back again this year with an even bigger team of 24 women so far. There is no question about who they’ll be thinking of as they all cross the finish line – their very own Temple Street hero Alfie:

“When Alfie was just 5 days old, he had to have surgery on his lower back”

Kirsty, Alfie's mum

Mum Kirsty says, “When I was five months pregnant I was told my son had spina bifida. It’s a neural tube defect which means the spinal cord doesn’t develop fully in the womb. They also told me of other complications that could happen when Alfie was born  – but thankfully they didn’t.”

Alfie was brought to Temple Street at just five day old where he stayed for the following ten days. Kirsty is very thankful for the care little Alfie, herself and her family received during such an anxious time for everyone. “They really are earth angels; they looked after my family and I so well during our stay and I could never thank them enough.”

“Always have faith and just take each day as it comes.”

Alfie is absolutely thriving now and really defying the odds. “Alfie is our little superhero, as we were told he would never walk. But today he doesn’t stop talking, crawling and standing on his own.” He even takes a few steps with the help of Mum & Dad by his side.

Kirsty never forgets how fortunate Alfie is and how well he is doing now. “As I am a young Mum, some days looking after a child with spina bifida are more stressful than others, but when I look at him I feel so blessed and thankful that he is a happy healthy child. When I was pregnant I was told things could be a lot worse. He is our little superhero fighting a big battle that one day -please God – he will win. He’s already halfway there”

And she has some words of wisdom for parents in similar situations: “Never lose hope and always have faith and just take each day as it comes.”

“I’ll give it all I’ve got for Temple Street.”

“I’d encourage everyone to do the Women’s Mini Marathon for Temple Street as the work the teams do there is amazing. Nobody will know when they will ever need these earth angels. It’s an amazing charity and myself and my family will always support Temple Street in whatever way we can.”