Trick or Treat Games and Activities

Autumn is here again and the kids are back in school. That can only mean that Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about your Trick or Treat for temple Street party! We are here to offer you some hits, tips and advice on how to make your Halloween party a spooktacular success. Check out some of these fantastic games and activities ideas below to get kids and adults alike in the Halloween mood!

Have a pumpkin hunt!

Just like an egg hunt at Easter, why not hide  pumpkins, squashes and other items around the garden for your little guys and ghouls to find! Attach little stickers or cards with clues or prizes. They’ll have great fun in the outdoors and the chance of winning a treat makes it all the more fun.


Make your own DIY decorations!

One of the best parts about Halloween for kids is getting to ‘make and do’ so why not have some fun craft sessions and use what you have in the house to create your own DIY Halloween decorations? A spooky Halloween ghost can be easily made with some old white fabric, tissue and and old pair of tights:

  1. Cut a section out of pair of old tights and tie at one end
  2. Stuff with tissue and tie at the opposite end to create a little stuffed ball
  3. Drape over a square piece of white cloth – anything will do, from white cotton to an old t-shirt cut up
  4. Using a needle and thread, sew the middle of the cloth to the ball and tie the string into a loop to tie up
  5. Using a felt-tip pen, draw a spooky, funny or silly face on your ghost and hang up…it couldn’t be simpler!

Build a Trick or Treat nature table!

Autumn is such a great time to build a nature table and the wonderful orange, red and brown colours of the leaves falling from the trees are the perfect touch for your Halloween party. Take your little ghouls out and about in the garden or the park and ask them to collect crunchy dry leaves, conkers and twigs that they can use to create their Halloween display. The kids can use an empty cardboard box on its side to display their finds and decorate the box by painting it or draping fabric inside to create a backdrop. Get them to finish off their Trick or Treat nature tables by cutting out pumpkins, ghosts or other Halloween shapes and threading through orange, purple or black wool to create their own unique Trick or Treat bunting!