Trick or Treat Costume ideas

Here in Temple Street we are full swing in Halloween mode  and we think there is never a bad time to discuss Halloween costumes. Have you yours organised yet? Check out some of these simple but effective costumes we found online.

Don’t forget we also have our Downloads on the website to help you get your party started. You can check out what we have to offer here. Happy Haunting!

DIY Masks

Masks are such a simple and creative way to make your Halloween costume and the only limit is your imagination! Best thing is that they can be made for free or very little. Simply draw the mask shape you want on a piece of cardboard (use the card from a cereal box or packing box) and cut it out, including holes for your eyes. Then simply attach a long BBQ stick with sellotape to the back of the mask to allow you hold it up in front of your face. Then all you need to do is decorate!










Brilliant group costumes for the office or a party


Fun family costumes