How to collect and send in your funds for Trick or Treat!


With Trick or Treat fast approaching, we want to wish everyone the best of luck to everyone with your Trick or Treat events over the next couple weeks. It really does mean the world to us and our little patients!

This year we need those funds more than ever – because Temple Street is truly a building that never sleeps. Every minute of every day, sick children are arriving in Temple Street in need of the expert, world-class care that only our doctors and nurses can provide. Right now, children are on their way into theatre for urgent operations, receiving gentle care on the wards or receiving 24-hour care in the Intensive Care Unit. In fact, more than 147,000 sick children come through the hospital doors every single year. Because of the impact of COVID this year has been tougher than ever. For the patients in CHI Temple Street and for our fundraising events. Many had to be cancelled and that means less money going to where it is so desperately needed.

There are a couple of ways to collect the funds and we do understand that collecting cash right now might be a little difficult, so see below :

Collecting funds: There are many ways to donate to the Trick or Treat for Temple Street.

For those who would like to donate online, we suggest one of the following ways –

  1. You can set up a Facebook fundraising page for your Trick or Treat event. They are easy to set up, are free and don’t charge us any fees
  2. You can go directly to our donate page – . **On the donation form they need to select ‘I attended a Trick or Treat event/activity’ and then insert your name or the name of your company/ school/crèche as a reference**
  3. You can ask your supporters to send the money directly to you via online banking, Paypal, Revolut. And you can return the funds by one of the methods further down this page.

Returning your funds.

If you have not used an online fundraising page you can send the funds you raised to us so we can put them straight to use to help our little heroes in Temple Street.

There are 4 main ways to do this:

  1. Online Banking: You can return your funds via online banking. Just use the IBAN number below. **Please remember to include your dedicated Supporter Number so we can thank you. (you can find this number on materials in your pack, if not email us and we can send it to you straight away)**


IBAN IE04AIBK93207817990145 / BIC AIBKIE2D


  1. Online:Donate your funds raised online at please ensure to select “I had my own Trick or Treat event/activity” and then insert your name or the name of your company/ school/crèche as a reference**and your dedicated supporter number which is in your pack
  2. Phone:Donate by credit/debit card over the phone on 01 878 4344
  3. Post: Return your cheque or postal order with the form that will be included in your pack


Thank you so much for taking part in this years Trick or Treat for Temple Street, we really do appreciate it. We hope you all had a fang-tastic time!