8 Ways to start planning for Halloween

 8 Ways to start planning for Halloween

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  1. Sign up to Trick or Treat for Sick Children

The best way to start getting excited for Halloween, why not sign up for Trick or Treat 2021 by hosting a party in your home, at work, creche, school, college or in your local community. The fun about Halloween is that it’s for all ages and can be safely enjoyed by everyone. This year’s theme is Mighty Monsters so you can dress up or wear some scary make-up and have some frightening good fun! Register now for your amazing Trick or Treat party pack and start planning your event.

  1. Start shopping for Halloween goodies

Get in early and pick up the Halloween goodies you need! You don’t have to spend a lot, try your local discount stores or charity shops for great decorations, outfits, props and Halloween treats.

  1. Look up Trick or Treat recipes!

If you’re planning a Halloween to remember you’ll need some delicious Trick or Treat party goodies to make at home. We’ve put some of our own favourite recipes on our website, why not try inventing some original monster-themed recipes of our own this year?

  1. Leftovers from last year

Since Halloween is an annual event, you probably have some decorations, outfits and spooky make-up from previous years that you can reuse or repurpose for this year. Rummage in your wardrobe or attic and you’ll probably be surprised how much you find!

  1. Create spooky invitations

What better way to build excitement for your Trick or Treat party than to create some spook-tacular invitations to give to your family, colleagues at work or for your kids at school. You can use free Halloween invitation templates to build your own and print or send by email. Easy peasy!

  1. Make a Mighty Monster playlist

Nothing spells Halloween fun like making a Monster-tastic Halloween playlist! It’s so simple too, search for curated Halloween playlists or create your own on your phone using YouTube or Spotify. Don’t forget this year’s Trick or Treat theme is Mighty Monsters, that means making sure Monster Mash is there. You can even play Halloween Baby Shark!

  1. Decorate your home

Another great way to get into the Halloween mood is to add some spooky touches to your home. From carving a pumpkin for your window to adding some decorations on the walls (you can use the bunting from your Trick or Treat party pack), it’ll be sure to build your excitement for the scary season.

  1. Watch some Halloween themed movies

Why not watch some Halloween themed movies in the run up to October 31st? There are classics for all ages, from Hocus Pocus to Monster House or even an old classic Scooby Doo! You could even incorporate a movie watch into your Trick or Treat party!