Thomas’s New York Marathon Journey

New York Marathon
Thomas has lost 5 stone since he started training for the New York Marathon.

Thomas recently tipped the scales at 31 stone and has vowed to shape up and slim down to run the New York City Marathon in aid of Temple Street. Thomas took on this personal challenge for health reasons and has been supported by friends, family and all those inspired by his story ever since. His goal is not only to run the marathon but also to lose a massive 7.5 stone and raise much needed funds for Temple Street along the way.

Thomas has thrown himself into the challenge over the past few months, gaining a huge amount of encouragement and losing an even bigger amount of weight than expected so far. He is incredibly dedicated to his training sessions and has lost a whopping 5 stone to date. He gets weekly weigh-ins to keep him motivated and mixes up his training by cycling, walking and swimming. But Thomas admits doing it for Temple Street ‘is the real motivation. He won’t let our little patients down.

“I’m working with a trainer and he is getting me ready for the biggest journey of my life; the New York City Marathon. I simply will not fail Temple Street. It’s a great motivator.”

Thomas Daly, Fundraiser

Temple Street is a charity that is close to Thomas’s heart. He tells us as a child he was a regular visitor! And now, many years later, one of his children has also attended the hospital. His daughter, who nearly lost a finger in an accident, had 8 operations to repair it here. Thankfully all went well.

We want to wish Thomas and his team all the best with their training and fundraising over the next few months. You’re an inspiration to us all, Thomas. Keep up the great work!