John our marathon man

London 2013 - Team
The London Marathon team!

Every April over 35,000 people take part in the London Marathon making it one of the biggest events on the sporting calendar. We are very proud to say that participants have been pounding the streets of London for Temple Street since 2010 and over that time our teams have gone from strength to strength. The London Marathon has very quickly become a mainstay of our Overseas Marathon Calendar each year, which also includes Berlin and New York, three of the six ‘World Majors’.

So far we have had over 100 people, of all different levels of experience, run the London Marathon on our behalf, raising vital funds for our Hospital with every step of the way.

The funds raised through the London Marathon are crucial to Temple Street’s development and growth. Thanks to these donations we have been able to purchase life-saving pieces of equipment, such as baby incubators and ventilators and we have been able to upgrade some of our oldest wards, including our Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Top Flat and Neurology.

Without our determined team of Marathoners this achievement would not be possible. Amazingly some of our loyal supporters even take on the London Marathon for Temple Street year after year! One such dedicated supporter is John Kilfeather.

“Becoming a fundraiser allows me to help a hospital that has invariably treated every person I ask for support. They lovingly recall their gratitude and joy to be able to bring their child home, having being in Temple Street.”

John Kilfeather

This year John has completed his third London marathon with Temple Street and is heading to his second Berlin Marathon and third New York Marathon later in the year. That’s a lot of mileage for our patients!

“My experience is just a quiet example of how being a fundraiser can allow me to become part of something so far reaching and good.”

John Kilfeather