Great Irish Bake – How to Host a Virtual Bake!

How to host a Virtual Bake?

You might be wondering how you might go about hosting a virtual bake. Well to help you out we have put together some basic steps to follow. Some maybe obvious but just in case we wanted to show you how.

Hosting a virtual bake is relatively straightforward if you follow the steps below you should have a great time and raise loads of dough for Crumlin and Temple Street.

A virtual bake is hosting a video call with your friends, family, and colleagues where you all show off your bakes and have a cup of tea and a chat. You can even make it competitive and do a cake decorating challenge!

Step 1.

Decide what date you want to have your virtual bake. We will be having ours on the 21st May but you can have yours whenever is best for you!

Step 2.

Choose the video chat provider you are most familiar with! Whether its Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook, whichever one you like to use is the right one for you.

Step 3.

Invite friends, family, and colleagues to join your video chat. Set a time or send a link to the chat to everyone you want to join. And remember to ask them to get in on the fun and bake something if they want!

Step 4.

On the day, everyone is on the call. Compare your fantastic bakes, have great chat, drink some tea or coffee! If you want you can compare bakes and vote on the best one. You can also add to the fun and have a baking related quiz – or just a regular quiz!

Step 5.

Donating. There are many ways to donate to the Great Irish Bake for Crumlin and Temple Street.

You can ask your supporters to send the money directly to you via online banking, Paypal, Revolut. And you can return the funds by one of the methods further down this page. You can ask your supporters to go to and donate directly to us on your behalf. All they need to do is include your name in the donation reference.

You can set up a fund raising page online, which is extremely straightforward! Please see some examples below which link directly to Temple Street and Crumlin so the funds are donated directly to us: Facebook fundraisers or Just Giving

Step 6.

Returning your funds.

If you have not used an online fundraising page you can send the funds you raised to us so we can put them straight to use to help our little heroes in Crumlin and Temple Street.

There are 4 main ways to do this:

Online: Donate your funds raised online here

Online Banking: You can return your funds via online banking. Just use the IBAN number below. Please remember to include your dedicated Supporter Number so we can thank you. (you can find this number on materials in you pack)

Bank details: BAN: IE52AIBK93207824895584 BIC: AIBKIE2D

Post: Return you cheque or postal order with the form that will be included in your pack

Phone: Donate by credit/debit card over the phone on 01 878 4344

Step 7.

You have baked your best and raised dough for our little heroes – pat yourself on the back and enjoy some of your delicious cake!