Caring and Curing – Great Irish Bake 2014

Great News! We raised €186,000 from the Great Irish Bake 2014! Because of you we were able to buy our third and final Omnibed Incubator – what an achievement!

We are so grateful to everyone who took part in this year’s Great Irish Bake. It really was amazing to see everyone come together; families, schools, businesses and community groups, with one common goal – to bake up a storm and help sick kids! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – our Great Irish Bakers are truly amazing. Every bun, cupcake, teacake and even the bought cakes (we can’t all be Nigella!) make a huge difference.

Incubators at a cost of €50,000 save new born babies' lives.
Incubators at a cost of €50,000 save new born babies’ lives.

These high tech incubators are used to keep premature babies and critically sick infants alive. It is an all-in-one life support machine and one of the hospital’s most vital pieces of equipment.

“Without a doubt Ella would not have made it without the incubators and the medical expertise of the surgeon and staff who attended her. Without these machines, that people all over the country fundraise for, we would have been lost.”

Paul, Ella's Dad