Adam’s Story


This years Great Irish Bake will raise vital funds to support sick children in CHI at Crumlin and Temple Street. Children just like Adam.  

You might remember Adam King from the Late Late Toy Show and that magic moment with his great friend John Doyle, Head Porter in CHI at Temple Street. This is Adam’s story as a patient in CHI at Temple Street.

Adam has osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a brittle bone condition. He has been attending CHI at Temple Street under the care of Dr. Ciara McDonnell since he was 4 weeks old. He receives bisphosphonates treatment from Ciara and the team, which suppresses the destructive side of his bone cycle and helps give him better bone strength.
“I (David) took Adam to Dublin for his first appointment, at 4 weeks old. He was transferred via ambulance from the neonatal unit in CUH directly up to Temple St. We spent about 5 days in CHI at Temple Street on that first visit. I remember being very nervous, worried about the future for Adam. Within an hour, those feelings were dissipated by the amazing staff, in particular Dr. Ciara. They/she reassured me on the treatment Adam would receive, gave me confidence in holding Adam and tending to his needs. It is a very difficult thing to worry about holding your own child – we had cautiously held Adam, many times under supervision, for the first few weeks of his life. When I returned from CHI at Temple Street, I felt very enabled as a parent. It was a pivotal time in my confidence as a parent tending to Adam’s needs.

For the first few years of his life, Adam would have attended up to 8 times a year for check-ups, bisphosphonates treatment, physio/OT, dental and some minor surgery. We have 5 children, so being away from your other children whilst in hospital is very challenging. There is a guilt that comes with being physically and emotionally unavailable for your kids. As for Adam – he often has to go through treatments and experiences in hospital that are both frightening and painful. That is very difficult to take as a parent. Thanks to the amazing staff in CHI at Temple Street we always feel supported and comforted during these tough times.

We always find CHI at Temple Street very welcoming, and the staff are just absolutely amazing. The cleaning staff always have a kind word to say if you meet them on the halls, in the lifts or on the wards. The canteen staff are so helpful – if Fiona has Adam in his wheelchair (nicknamed Speedy), one of the staff will always carry her tray to the table, ensuring she can wheel Adam in Speedy! And of course the doctors and nurses are so helpful, kind, and exceptional at what they do. Finally, Adam’s best buddy John Doyle is one of the kindest human beings in the world with the biggest heart. Adam is a member of #ourtribe with JD, Jack Beattie and the late Michael Stokes. They all have a special relationship, a bond that will never be broken.“ David King, Adam’s Dad
The staff at CHI at Temple Street do all that they can to create a warm, home from home environment at the hospital. There are bright and colourful spaces throughout, which creates positive experiences for all the patients. The King family really felt this during their time at the hospital.

“I particularly remember my 1st night in CHI at Temple Street and the first time I met Dr. Ciara. I was alone, and I was terrified. I was afraid to hold Adam. He was 4 weeks old and we had never given him a bath for fear of him breaking something. Dr. Ciara and the nurses assured me we were going to give Adam his first bath that night – and they were so cool and confident about it! It actually gave me confidence. We worked as a team of about 5 or 6 people, holding Adam from all sides as we bathed him. I will never forget this high level of support and care, for Adam, and for me.” David, Adam’s Dad

“The best moment was our first (and every) visit to the new metabolic bone clinic. Adam goes here to get his DXA scan, and to meet Dr. Ciara and the other specialists. The clinic is decorated in a space theme with rockets and planets so Adam obviously loves this! Every time we go there it’s like going on an adventure instead of for a medical procedure.” Fiona, Adam’s Mum
“Adam still attends CHI at Temple St twice a year. He loves every single visit there. He looks forward to going on adventures at the bone clinic and meeting Dr. Ciara. He really looks forward to going to the front lobby to meet John Doyle, feed the fish and get a few presents! He loves going to the canteen to meet the staff and grab a biscuit, and he really loves getting set up in his bed and watching TV while he receives his ‘bone juice’!” David, Adam’s Dad