Tony’s journey home for the Dublin Marathon

We are so lucky to have some very motivated people take part in fundraising events for Temple Street. And when it comes to the Dublin City Marathon you can bet that this event will have it’s fair share of inspirational stories. This year one of those ‘story telling marathoners’ is Eccles Street, Dublin 1 native, Tony Gormley.

Tony grew up in the Northside of Dublin City, a stone’s throw from Temple Street, visiting the hospital on many occasions as a child.

“Over the years growing up in Dorset Street, my family and I paid a number of visits to Temple Street to get ‘fixed up’. I have even taken my son as a ten year old to get treatment there when we were back in Dublin visiting family.”

Tony emigrated to New Zealand 28 years ago for work and has lived there ever since. He married there and now lives in Wellington with his wife Mary and children Shea, 20, Declan, 18 and Brydie, 14.

Tony has always been an active person and the marathon in his hometown has been something that has long been on his bucket list. Recent injury has kept him from taking part in sports and he has been making his way back to full health, eager to make the most of it.

“All my life I have played sport and kept up my fitness playing football, GAA, hurling. Four years ago I sustained a nasty foot injury (plantar fasciitis) which prevented me from doing any physical activity. It’s been a long road back to where I am now.”

This isn’t the first time Tony has signed up though! He had signed up to take part in the Dublin City Marathon 30 years ago, but a football injury prevented him from reaching the starting line. This year he has the Dublin City Marathon in his sights once again and he is excited to get this ticked off his list.

Tony is really looking forward to coming home and running through the streets of Dublin once again. He has chosen Temple Street as his charity of choice as our Hospital is something that had been a constant in his youth. It was as well known for its compassion back then as it is now and Tony has been thoughtful enough to consider Temple Street as an integral part of his homecoming.

“This is something that is close to my heart as I feel I have been very fortunate in life and would like to be able to give something back to help benefit the children in need.”

We can’t wait to see Tony at the Finish Line to say Thank You!